Three suspects and victim identified in deadly W. Pensacola Street shooting

(WCTV, Sam Thomas)
Published: Oct. 31, 2022 at 10:07 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Chilling evidence remains from the deadly weekend shooting on Pensacola street, leaving one person dead and several others in the hospital.

Monday, the Tallahassee Police Department released new details surrounding the investigation, including the names of the three suspects taken into custody.

They’ve been identified as 23-year-old William Thomas, 26-year-old Tamylon Williams, and 30-year-old De’arius Cannon.

According to Police reports, Cannon was observed by law enforcement shooting into the crowded parking lot on Saturday night. Cannon was then shot by officers three times after trying to flee the scene. He is still recovering in the hospital.

Further video evidence shows Tamylon Williams walking through the parking lot of Half Time Liquors with the barrel of an AK-style-riffle hanging out of his jacket. According to TPD, the crowd can be seen on surveillance responding to the gunfire once it began, with more than 40-50 shots fired throughout the shooting.

Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell says it is believed, at this time, the cause of the shootout is between three groups of feuding rivals with ties to Gadsden County. He says their issues just so happened to spill over into Tallahassee that night, killing an innocent bystander with no connection to the suspects in custody.

“As somebody who was born and raised here and grew up in this town, it’s heartbreaking to see this kind of reckless, careless behavior against innocent people just standing around trying to have a good time,” said Chief Revell.

Half Time Liquors workers assessed the damages all afternoon on Monday, boarding up the windows where bullets left the glass shattered. At the same time, an outpouring of heartfelt messages from family members and friends of the victim flooded social media. Through social media, the man killed Saturday night has been identified as DeMario Murray.

According to NAACP President Mutaqee Akbar, Murray was a father and a friend to many in the Tallahassee community. He says this is not the Tallahassee he and DeMario grew up in and that this kind of disregard for life needs to end.

“This killing is taking away some valuable people from our community, and he is definitely one of them. Everybody’s life matters, of course, but I think he’s a prime example of why this has to stop. Whether you’re sitting in the parking lot or walking out of the store or whatever it is, if you’re just trying to have fun, you should be able to make it home to your children,” said Akbar.

In a statement, TMH told WCTV that seven victims were seen at the hospital following the shooting, three of those seven people required surgery, but all are now in stable condition.

Chief Revell says the investigation is still ongoing and that there could be additional arrests made in the case.

TPD is also asking anyone with video evidence from that night to come forward with it so that it can be used to bring justice to all those involved. Videos can be sent directly to investigators through this link.