Tallahassee family represents Palestinian heritage on Family Feud national game show

From a board game to the main stage, a Tallahassee family gets a dream opportunity to compete on Family Feud.
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 9:41 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - From a board game to the main stage, a Tallahassee family got a dream opportunity to compete on Family Feud, but the Kasems were the first family in the show’s history to wear something a bit unexpected and they captured worldwide attention in the process.

In September 2021, the Kasem family saw a Family Feud facebook ad asking for a Tallahassee family to apply.

“All of us at the time were saying like oh my god, we should apply. How funny would that be if we actually got on the show?” team captain Sabrin Kasem, also known as Bina on the show said.

Five separate applications and one home video later, the Kasem family received the invitation of a lifetime.

“It honestly felt surreal for us, we did not think that it was happening,” Sabrin said.

But big-time opportunity raised one big question: what to wear? For the Kasems the answer was easy.

“We knew going into the show that we wanted to represent Palestine as much as we could. Having this platform and being able to be seen by millions of viewers, we knew we wanted them to look at us,” Sabrin expressed.

So the family asked the production team if they could wear their traditional Palestinian attire.

“It was a great way to represent Palestine. Not many people know what thobe is or what a hand stitched tatrees I’m wearing now,” Mirah Abu-Laban, team member and FSU graduate said.

When they presented the idea of Steve Harvey and his team, the family says they were very welcoming and extremely accepting.

“We’re emailing and we’re going to ask. This is going to be our confirmation of whether we do it or not. So we sent it to the producer that we’ve been talking to the whole time and he was like absolutely a hundred percent you have to wear these,” Noor Qasem said.

Going onto the show, they mentioned how overwhelmed they were to meet Steve Harvey but when they had the chance to speak to him, they said it felt like they knew him years ago, like an old friend. He is ten times funnier in person.

Their experience on the show was like no other. Whether it was being on stage and playing the game or being between the audience during their breaks, everything felt like a dream.

When the Kasems soon found themselves on the main stage, the feedback was even better than they expected. The family said the show announced them as the best-dressed group in the history of Family Feud. But what they did not expect was the love they received from all around the world after the first episode aired.

“We’ve gotten so much love and the Tiktoks and the social media and Facebook posts,” Noor said.

The family also made a mark by ending the episode doing a Palestinian dabke behind Steve Harvey that made the final cut. A dabke is a well-known Palestinian dance that combines a line of people that interlock arms and stomp their feet together to a specific rhythm.

The Kasem said they are proud that they were able to represent their country on national tv while having an experience they’ll never forget.