Dailey, Dozier debate less than 3 weeks out from election

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier debated Wednesday afternoon with less than three week before the November election.
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 8:38 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey and Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier debated Wednesday afternoon with less than three weeks before the November election.

When asked about the tone of the race, Dozier said there should be more of a focus on the issues. Accusing the mayor of distorting her record.

“He retaliates against those who he disagrees with, this has a chilling effect on businesses, on non-profits and on others,” Dozier said. “We are not getting the best information coming into city hall.”

Dailey raised questions about Dozier supporting her family business with votes he said she’s taken on the Leon County Commission.

“Whether it’s the downtown double tree vote or the purchase of her house and she’s going to have to face the citizens,” Dailey said.

On gun violence, Dozier applauded the new Gun Violence Intervention model that was laid out by the City Commission and their partnership with the Council on Status of Men and Boys as actionable steps.

“We also need to have a place for those suspended and expelled from school to go,” Dozier said. “Whether it’s a work group to keep them off the streets or a program to keep them out of trouble.”

Dailey pointed to the $5 million dollars set out over the next five years to address gun violence as well.

Dailey was also the one that crafted the motion for the city to partner with GVI. It is a program that has seen success in several other communities.

When pressed on the timing for sewage service expansion for the southside Dailey said he has always supported infrastructure projects for the south side of the city. With $381 million alone being invested into the southside action plan this year.

On the issue of the City Manager, Dozier said Reese Goad has served the community well for a long time. She added that she would vote ‘no’ on day one in office if a colleague called for a vote to remove Goad “because we need to deliberate (and go through a process) to be fair to all individuals.”

One what he’s called “the strongest ethics reform package in the state of Florida,” the mayor said that he would also be open to more reforms if necessary moving forward.

“I voted to extend Tallahassee’s ethics board jurisdiction to the commissioners that served on the CRA, Blueprint and the CRTPA,” Dailey said.

Dozier said there needs to be ethics rules within those agencies that cover all commissioners on the boards.

Dailey said during his time in office he has supported infrastructure projects that have benefitted the African American community, including investments into the southside of the city and his vote for Bragg Stadium construction funding.

Dozier opposed the funding for Bragg Stadium, but said she would have supported it if it came from “somewhere other than the economic development fund.”

The issue of zip code 32304, the poorest zip code in the state, Dailey pointed to his support of the Neighborhood Grocery on Alabama Street. An issue Dozier also supported when it came to the final vote.

On the issue of easing inflation here locally, Dailey said the remedy remains job creation. Dozier said it’s affordable housing.

Neither candidate said they would support directing money from the TPD budget to help fight crime.