ICYMI: ‘Ukraine: The Human Cost’ refugees talk to Eyewitness news about the heartbreaking loss of war

Published: Aug. 28, 2022 at 3:47 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - In WCTV’s special report, ‘Ukraine: The Human Cost’ you will hear powerful and sometimes graphic accounts of the Ukraine War from those who have lived through it.

Some of the families you will be introduced to will be living safely here in Tallahassee, while others are still overseas and uncertain of their future.

Through it all, they remain resilient.

In part one, there’s a better understanding of how the war started in Ukraine and you’ll be introduced to a young family who risked everything with their one-year-old daughter in tow for a chance at a new life.

While they fled when they had the chance, that wasn’t an option for everyone. We spoke with a woman from Kyiv who couldn’t imagine running for her life at 56.

You’ll also hear from a woman who made it to safety after being trapped on a train during her escape and a Belarusian woman living in Tallahassee who shares her unique perspective of the war as her country finds itself stuck in the middle of this conflict.

In part two of our special report, disturbing images and videos are shared of the youngest victims of the war.

Listen to volunteers and organizers talk about why it was so important to hold a vigil for all slain Ukrainian children.

It’s hard to process but the hundreds and hundreds of black crosses you’ll see represent the number of fallen children confirmed to the organization in Ukraine, 358 to be exact.

We also share the story of a Panama City businessman who found his way to Kyiv many years ago, as you’ll learn his journey was grueling and it’s not quite over yet.

Taking a look at part three of our special, Washington and the world have been closely following all the developments in Ukraine.

For more perspective, we checked in with White House Correspondent and Senior National Editor Jon Decker.

To wrap things up, we want to highlight a local organization with Ukraine ties making a big difference and a message of peace.

Anyone interested in helping the refugees of Ukraine can email Madison Glaser at madison.glaser@wctv.tv

Anyone interested in helping victims of the Ukraine War can follow the links below.






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