City of Quincy holds 1st city-wide town hall to address community concerns

Multiple city and county municipalities in Gadsden County gathered at a town hall to hear from residents and the changes they hope to see.
Published: Jul. 17, 2022 at 1:40 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Saturday, the City of Quincy held their first city-wide town hall meeting to discuss concerns in the community and give residents a chance to meet the new leaders.

Multiple city and county municipalities gathered to hear from residents and the changes they hope to see.

Saturday first city-wide town hall meeting brought a sense of optimism that positive change is on the way.

With crime and continued problems with the youth, the city of Quincy wanted to create a dialogue to make change.

“We really wanted to create a forum where we can hear from our citizens,” City of Quincy City Manager Robert Nixon. “We wanted to be able to field their questions and give them honest answers in real time.”

City officials were joined by law enforcement and other local entities to work together to create the change the community wants to see.

“As we know we cannot do it alone and only represent law-enforcement so as you see we had a lot of different professionals from different disciplines today and it takes all of us to be a successful city,” shared Quincy Police Department Assistant Chief Leroy Smith.

Collaboration proving to be a big reason why Gadsden County Schools Superintendent Elijah Key wanted to be involved.

“I have to come to the table with every city municipality in Gadsden County in order to start talking about having a conversation to steer students in the right direction, our youth in the right direction,” explained Gadsden County Schools Superintendent Elijah Key. “So it’s going to take all of us and so it was very important to be here because we’re talking about young people and youth and that’s what I deal with on the daily basis.”

Public safety and crime within the youth were some of the major talking points Saturday afternoon and the new leadership in the city say they want residents to feel heard.

“It’s so important to capture from our citizens their expectations and desires and concerns,” Nixon mentioned. “Everything I think is important is that we build our bridges between our elected officials, who are the decision makers, and the community that they represent.”

And when it comes to the fentanyl deaths in the community, QPD says things have been quiet.

“I think the public heeded to the warnings and it’s been very quiet in that regard lately,” Smith shared. “As I alluded to in the townhall meeting, we have not had any fentanyl related deaths in the city of Quincy.”

Those present Saturday believe the town hall is the first step towards change for the better.

“It’s a start. It’s a start that begin having those conversations and see what we can do differently tearing down the box. Often times people say we need to get out and think outside the box but we need to tear down this box,” Key suggested. “Tear down the box, get out of the box and just do things differently.”

What was obvious at Saturday’s town hall meeting is that the community just wants to see change, and with the collaborations from city officials and community leaders, they feel they can make a difference.

City Manager Nixon says this was the first of many town halls that they hope will make a difference in the community.

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