Tallahassee Southern Kings announce they will be playing their home games at TCC

Tallahassee's new Pro Basketball Team announces their new home arena.
Published: Jan. 28, 2022 at 3:07 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - In addition to having high school and college hoops here in Tallahassee, we’re also welcoming a professional team.

While not everyone can make it to the NBA‚ it doesn’t mean they’re not good enough to go pro but there may not be enough slots or opportunities. But with teams like the Tallahassee Southern Kings it can turn these hoop dreams into reality.

The Tallahassee Southern Kings have made themselves at home in the Capital City and have officially found their home gym.

As we first told you in October, the league known simply as The Basketball League has chosen Tallahassee as a new expansion market. Hoping a new team can bring new excitement.

“They wanted to bring something to this community that people can be proud of. That allows the young men to go to another level for pro basketball,” said TBL CEO Evelyn Magley.

That includes young men like Tallahassee native Tajae Anderson who have been working to extend their playing career.

“I used to pray a lot and say whatever you can send me, that next opportunity, it will be great for me and I would love it and go as hard as I can. So as soon as I found out about this ,I feel like this is just my chance,” explained Florida High and Columbia International University Alum Tajae Anderson.

But the home team is nothing without a home floor and after months of searching and planning, the Kings will call TCC’s Eagledome home.

“I did my due diligence in checking out the league and it seemed like something that would be a great partnership with TCC and the Southern Kings to play their home games here, practice here and kind of feel like this is their home court,” shared TCC Director of Auxiliary Services Dustin Frost.

A match made in heaven that can prove inspiring for generations of ball players to come.

“This team coming here will raise the competition of high school basketball,” exclaimed Anderson. “So now a lot of kids will say okay maybe I can leave and come back and still be a professional. Or maybe if they’re good enough, go straight there.”

Looking to change the narrative when it comes to basketball in North Florida and South Georgia.

“For so long Tallahassee has been known as a football city, so it’s like all the basketball players we have town here but we never got the chance to get the exposure to get to the next level,” said Anderson.

“And so Tallahassee will be a showcase piece to the world through this lens of basketball,” shared Magley.

Anderson says he feels this team is a dream come true and believes it will be a beacon of hope for these young hoopers just looking for a chance.

The Southern Kings also announced the ‘Legendary Willy Mack’ will be there halftime entertainment for the season.

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